About Us

Our Story

Sabrina Bensawan established Saab Shares on March 5th 2014 during her 16th birthday, together with her younger sister Elena Bensawan, who was then 14 years old in 2014.

The name “Saab” from Saab Shares is derived from Sabrina’s name. Which means Sabrina, Shares. Saab Shares itself is a realization of a young girl’s simple dream to share and to change the world. And she realized, that to change the world, she needs to start with herself.

We believe that financial independence, good character, knowledge and good health enables underprivileged families to break chain of poverty.

Therefore, Saab Shares focuses on Education, Healthcare & Women Empowerment. 

 We aim to vitalize underprivileged youths to become self-reliant through holistic education, skill enrichment and character building.

As for the underprivileged mothers, we equip them with various skill trainings, regular seminars and intensive coaching. Consequently, the mothers will have a source of income, and will raise their family’s standards of living.

While for healthcare we support underprivileged children with terminal diseases, promote healthy lifestyle among our beneficiaries, improve nutrition intake of our beneficiaries and hold free medical treatments.

From the very beginning, Saab Shares has been supported by several social enterprises run by Sabrina and Elena, to cover not only its operational and administration cost, but also to support existing programs. This sustainable model has enabled Saab Shares help beneficiaries and also, public donation goes directly to our beneficiaries.

One of our social enterprises, is Heritage by Sabrina, a batik line with a motto “1 Product 100 Impacts”, as besides supporting Saab Shares, we empower mothers from marginal areas to create the products, thus improving their standards of living.

Sabrina Bensawan Founder

Sabrina Bensawan is a student, social entrepreneur & entrepreneur.  She established Saab Shares at the age of 16 out of her great passion to be positively impactful to the society.

Managing businesses since the age of 15, she also established a social enterprise called “Heritage by Sabrina”, which covers Saab Shares’ operational costs and supports some programs.

Sabrina is the youngest recipient of one of world’s most prestigious award, “Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur of The Year 2018”, Chosen as Forbes 30 under 30 2019, nominee of “Kick Andy Young Heroes 2016”, “1 of 50 national role models chosen by the President of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo”, awarded as “The most inspiring social activist” and Cleo Changemaker 2017.

Sabrina is also one of the best graduates of Singapore International School, and Academic Excellence recipient at Raffles Institute.

Elena Bensawan Co-Founder

    Elena Bensawan is a student, entrepreneur & aviation enthusiast. Since she was 14, she runs Saab Shares together with her sister, Sabrina.

    Elena graduated from Singapore International School with distinction award and prestigious academic awards. She is currently pursuing her studies at Raffles Institute of Higher Education, taking business management major.

    While running several businesses, being a student and co-founder of Saab Shares, she also runs another social enterprise since she was 13 that also supports Saab Shares.

    She received many awards Chosen as Forbes 30 under 30 2019, one of which is GRCC 2018 nationwide winner and chosen as CLEO changemakers 2017.

    She is also invited as guest speaker and interviewed in various TV shows, magazines and radio such as Kick Andy show, Wanita Hebat Indonesia Trans TV, Metro Xin Wen, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire Magazine, and many more.

    In her free time, she writes various aviation articles.


We set highest standard for every project that we establish, simply because we never aim less.

We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our work. We keep our integrity by fulfilling our commitment to deliver quality programs and visible impacts.

We are beneficiaries oriented. Our focus is always on the people we are impacting and not solely on the programs. Our programs are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the target group. We are more than willing to adjust our method and strategy to bring greatest impact to our beneficiaries and their society.

We prioritize optimum objectivity, be it deciding on our beneficiaries or planning our programs. We are committed to help those in greatest need.


Financially independent & healthy families with great values.


    • Equip underprivileged youths through Saab Shares’ House of Learning, by providing an array of both skill enrichment classes and self-building classes which prepares them to become financially independent while owning great character.
    • Providing various skill trainings, seminars and intensive guidance to help mothers from marginal areas to be financially independent. Provide support to children who suffer terminal diseases.
    • Cultivate the culture of reading through Saab Shares Rumah Baca by providing quality books for all ages.
    • Provide opportunities for youths and the community to take part in Saab Shares organization.