Music Class


Saab Shares provides variety of music & performance classes ranging from traditional dance, angklung, keyboard and other musical instruments to boost students’ creativity and confidence.


Introducing and training traditional musical instruments such as angklung to children can provide a pleasant experience for them while learning the art and culture of the nation. Angklung will sound melodious and majestic if played in a compact manner.


Keyboard games are different from drumming, which tends to use gross motor skills. Keyboard games are very useful for training fine motor skills by moving their fingers.

Music also has the benefit of training and developing psychological and emotional conditions in children based on the rhythm of the song. The rhythm of the song which is quite fast is very useful to describe the feeling of enthusiasm and cheerfulness while the rhythm of the song which is quite slow can train appreciation so that it can help develop the right brain.


Introducing traditional regional dances we can do in early childhood. Early childhood is experiencing a golden age of growth and development (golden age). Children with age range 0. 6 years are experiencing good physical development (fine and rough motor coordination), intelligence, socio-emotional, language and communication, according to the developmental stages of his age. To support its growth and development properly it needs to be supported by the right activities.

Teaching traditional dances provides many benefits for child development, such as children being taught coordination of motor movements between hands, feet, and body in tune with the strains of a song. By dancing, the child's body becomes flexible, healthy, and the child's posture is better than the one that does not dance.

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